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A new ETUC strategy for social partners’ involvement in the Recovery Plan

Upgrade of the ETUC Semester Toolkit

We have to cope with a new policy framework (Recovery Plan), and a new process (Semester completely revisited) and a new interlocutor (central task force instead of DG EMPL).

The process remains country-centred responding to strict intergovernmental logistics. Time is tight, we have to deliver quickly, in a coordinated manner, and develop a common field of work/language with the European Commission.


Reinforcing the Trade Union Semester Liaison Officers’ network with the Recovery and Investment Ad Hoc Group that will be permanently active as far as it will be necessary.

A trade union report on “TU Priorities for investments and reforms in the framework of the RRF, with a specific attention to just transitions”. ETUC’s Report will include investment gaps and needs with country-specific inputs for immediate use of RRF country desks. The first version to be available by mid-November and continuously updated.

ETUC will develop a tool to monitor, in real time, involvement at national level and its effectiveness. 35. Reinforcing the EST website to ensure a continuous exchange of and access to information.


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