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Romanian trade unions addressed the European Commission denouncing that at its meeting on 28 April 2021, the Romanian Government adopted two emergency ordinances – in breach of the provisions of the Romanian Constitution – one introducing the electronic signature in labour relations and the other eliminating the obligation to have written job descriptions and the Internal Regulations for companies with up to 9 employees.

These regulations were adopted ignoring the principles of social dialogue and also parliamentary debate. The arguments of the social partners, trade unions and employers’ organizations, were not taken into account. It is relevant that the consultation session at the level of the Ministry of Labour had hardly finished and the drafts were already sent to the next advisory institution, without taking into account any of the opinions. Likewise, the view of the Economic and Social Council, which gave a negative opinion, was ignored by the government making the consultation a mere formal procedure.

The denounced measures go against trade union protected prerogatives, against rules for transparent and predictable working conditions, and right to collective bargaining.

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