19 November, Thematic review on social dialogue and Semester

    Venue: Brussels

    Date: 19 November 2019

    Countries under review: Austria, Denmark, Portugal, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia (otehrs to be identified)

    In autumn 2016, EMCO conducted its first review on the topic of social partner involvement in the European Semester. For the first time, national and European social partners were invited to participate in the reviews (participation in reviews usually being limited to Committee members). All 28 Member States were covered by the review, which aimed to assess how the involvement of social partners worked in practice. Written conclusions were not produced on this occasion.

    The 2016 review having been judged to be a success, a second review was organised in 2017. This was a more focused review, looking in more detail at 14 Member States, and looking primarily at the Semester, but also touching on other areas e.g. where social dialogue in policy-making had been identified as insufficient or where major reforms had recently been introduced. It led to the Committee agreeing for the first time country-specific conclusions in June 2018.

    A further review was held in autumn 2018.This review examined a number of CSRs and recitals related to social dialogue, along with two case studies of interesting practices in social dialogue. Country-specific conclusions were submitted to the EPSCO Council in June 2019.

    It is proposed that the review exercise for 2019 follow the same approach as for 2018.


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