16th and 23 April and 7th of May - TUSLO Meeting in 3 sessions

    Due to these unusual (though dramatic) circumstances the TUSLO meeting will be held in 3 shorter sessions in videconference. 

    The objective is to support the ETUC in the elaboration of a position on the future of the EU Seemster taking into acount the new challenges taht we have to deal with in the econmic and social domain in the aftermath of the sanitaria crisis. 

    The first two meetings will be of brainstorming. Aftar that the ETUC will elaborate inputs received in a draft Resolution that would be further debated and possibly endorsed during the 3rd meeting. 

    16 July - First meeting on economic, macroeconomic and fiscal aspects (meeting in cooperation with the ETUC Economic Committee)

    23 July - Second meeting on social aspects (including the new perspectives of the Eurpoean PIllar of Social Rights)

    7 May - Third meeting, debate and validation of the ETUC proposal for a ETUC Resolution  (meeting in cooperation with the ETUC Economic Committee)

    The meetings wil be held using the platform Zoom. 

    Instruction will be sent via email. 


    16 April 

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    PPT of Marco Cilento on SDG 8 and Recovery

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