EPSCO Conclusions meeting 15 March

    The EPSCO Ministers met on 15 March 2019.

    There was a common understanding that the implementation of the principles set out in the EPRS had to be supported by the allocation of adequate resources in order to increase employment opportunities, especially for those furthest away from the labour market. Ministers agreed that the link between employment and social protection was very important. In relation to that the key role of a stronger cohesion policy was highlighted, in particular within the framework of the upcoming negotiations on MFF. Ministers also agreed that it was important to create a growth friendly environment through enhanced investment and improved workers skills. Upskilling and reskilling were identified as priority actions, with some countries stressing that anticipating the challenges and updating skills regularly, while workers were still employed, was also of key importance. To this end adequate resources should be provided.

    During the debate it was highlighted that special attention needed to be paid to several groups of people deemed to be the most vulnerable on the labour market: young people; long-term unemployed people; disabled people; older people; people with a migrant background. The persisting gender inequality was also identified among the problematic areas.

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