This resolution adopted by the ETUC Executive Committee in 2015 sets out a new strategy to cope with the European semester for the economic policy coordination. It defines a coordinated approach to enhance the capacity of European and national trade unions to participate and to be more influential in such decision-making process.

    The Autumn Package is composed by 

    ASGS: Annual Sustainable Growth Strategy

    JER: Joint Employment Report

    AMR: Alert Mechanism Report

    Proposal for Euro Area Recommendations

    Single Market Report

    This page collects the ETUC documents concerning the policy priorities for each Semester cycle. The “ETUC for Growth and Social Progress” is released every year between September and October. It defines the common trade union priorities for the EU and is presented at the early stage consultations on the ASGS held by the Commission with the European social partners. Furthermore, the position documents “ETUC assessment of the Autumn Package” evaluate the policy priorities set by the Commission for each Semester cycle from the point of view of the European workers.

    This section gathers the ETUC documents concerning the Commission’s Country reports. It includes the ETUC reports on trade union inputs for country reports developed through the years. These inputs identify most urgent challenges that should be addressed by each government and put forward trade unions’ key demands. The ultimate goal is allowing a written exchange with the Commission aimed at influencing its Country Reports. Moreover, the section also includes the ETUC evaluation of Commission’s country reports.


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