The Commission has published the Communication: 2021 Annual Sustainable Growth Strategy surprisingly, becasue it was expected by end November. 

    Some documents will be useful to understand how the recovery and Reslience Plans will look like. 


    ASGS is available here


    All other docs are available here

    This first annual Strategic Foresight Report, Strategic Foresight - Charting the course towards a more resilient Europe, presents the Commission’s strategy to integrate strategic foresight into EU policy-making. It identifies first lessons from the COVID-19 crisis, introduces resilience as a new compass for EU policy-making and discusses the role of strategic foresight in strengthening the resilience of the EU and its Member States. 

    Commenting on the European Commission’s first Strategic Foresight Report, ETUC General Secretary Luca Visentini said

    “ETUC supports any policy initiative that helps to manage change in a sustainable, fair and democratic way.

    “A longer-term perspective is useful, especially if it leads to new policies consistently contributing to a fairer and more inclusive society.

    "A shift from the current GDP-based narrative of measuring progress towards a more well-being centred one would be welcomed by the ETUC as this has been a long-standing demand.

    “The Commission is right to point out that the current COVID crisis threatens to make inequalities even worse, and to emphasise the need to tackle low incomes and poverty as well as short-comings in health care, social protection and education and training.

    "A massive effort is still needed to stop inequalities multiplying, despite the reasonably encouraging early steps with SURE and the Recovery Plan.

    "The proposals of the Foresight Report must turn into fairer and more inclusive policies by the European Commission and member states.”

    “ETUC will seek to ensure the involvement of unions in the foresight process and to ensure that the well-being of workers and their families are always at the forefront of EU policy-making.”

    In teh Events section of this website, 4 new events where TUSLO are invited to attend. 

    • 1st September: Ad Hoc Group on SDG
    • 10th September Morning: TUSLO meeting
    • 10th September Afternoon: TUSLO and Ad Hoc Group Recovery & Investment (second meeting)
    • 15th and 16th September: High level economic seminar: Re-Thinking our social democratic models in an economy with high debt and low interest rates. (Link)

    For any additional info please contact the Semester Team at the ETUC

    Please click on the ETUC logo to download the letter that Liina Carr addresses to the Trade Union Semester Liaison Officers  at the start of the European Semester 2021 and the Recovery Plan for Europe.

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    9 June 2020: The ETUC Executive Committee has adopte the ETUC position: An EU Economic and Social Governance for a prompt, strong and sustained recovery.

    In the aftermath of the crisis, and once EU fiscal policies normalise, it will be crucial to avoid making the mistakes of the past. After a decade of austerity and cuts, in the name of fiscal consolidation, with the result of exacerbating inequalities in society and at work, it is time now for a recovery strategy based on an ambitious, fair and inclusive approach. We need a new EU economic and social governance, with new parameters and rules, with a more people-centred agenda, aiming at increasing public expenditure and investment to support the green and digital transition, as well as the industrial base and the related value chains....

    Downolad the entire document 

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