Scope and objectives of the ETUC Ad Hoc Group on R&I

    On 27 of May the European Commission put forward its proposal for a major recovery plan that will counteract the adverse economic and social effects of the pandemic. On 21st of July the Council comes along with proposals for extending the EU budget close to 2% of the EU GNI, (€1,074.3 billion of MFF + €750 billion from issuing EU Debt). This adds to the €540 billion mobilised through the 3 emergency measures established as a response to the COVD-19 crisis and to the PEEP programme of the ECB (€750 + €500 billions). While the European Parliament is in the decision-making process, what is evident for the EU partners is the need to join forces and invest and that this investment has to be proportionate to the effects of the crisis caused by the pandemic.

    We can expect that recovery and investment will be at the core of the upcoming EU policies, deployed through enhanced cooperation (especially through the Semester) and supported by resources frontloaded in the EU budget and channelled through cohesion funds. The Council’s conclusions also provide direction so as to determine the scope of the recovery plan for the EU. Investment gaps and investment needs have to be identified in countries, regions and sectors and prioritised according to immediate needs and long-term strategies (such as the Green deal) ETUC was already exploring investment needs and gaps in the framework of the European Semester.

    SCOPE OF THE AD HOC GROUP. The Ad Hoc Group on Recovery and Investments, as part of the strategy designed in the ETUC Resolution on the EU Recovery Strategy, will work under the coordination and supervision of the ETUC Confederal Secretary in charge of Economic Policy, EU Economic Governance and Semester and UN 2030 Agenda, and the Head of Institutional Policy of the ETUC.

    The ETUC is seeking trade union experts to assist in elaborating TU views on the implementation of the Recovery plan of the EU as stemming from the proposals made in the Communication Europe’s moment: repair and prepare for the Next Generation. Such experts should be able to support the ETUC secretariat in developing and promoting a trade union agenda for recovery and investments in the EU. The Ad Hoc Group shall be a sub-group of the TUSLOs committee. The Ad Hoc Group is open to members (national confederations and ETUFs) from Permanent committees: - Economic Committee - Sustainable Development, Energy and Climate Change Committee - Economic and Social Cohesion and Regional Policies Committee One representative from: Women’s Committee, Youth Committee, IRTUCs Committee, Eurocadres, Ferpa. The ETUC Secretariat will liaise with all relevant policy areas and permanent committees of the ETUC when and as necessary.

    ACTIVITIES The Ad Hoc Expert Group on recovery and investment will support the ETUC in elaborating:

    - An analysis of the proposals for recovery and investments coming from the EU, namely the above-mentioned Communication and the package providing its implementing instruments (mechanisms, facilities and funds).

    - Identifying investment gaps and needs at both national and sector level, focusing on those that better create synergies between “social”, “green” and “digital” objectives.

    - Build a trade union agenda for recovery and investments, in a way that the EPSR and the SDGs will remain mainstreaming at EU and national level.


    - Analysis of the EU recovery plan, including the new MFF, the NextGenerationEU Programme and its implementing instruments (mechanisms, facilities and funds).

    - A Report on investments needs and gaps at national, sectoral and European level - Updates (twice per year) of the Report on investments needs and gaps at national, sectoral and European level (following the cycle of the European Semester).

    - One position paper on social and sustainability aspects of the recovery and investment strategy of the EU. - 3 meetings in 2020, 2 meetings in 2021 and 2 meetings in 2022 (after having checked with Alex availability of resources).


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