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    EU Semester - Documentation

    Involvement: Any form of dialogue with national and European decision-makers which meaningfullyin a timely manner, with adequate capacities and at the appropriate level is conducive to ETUC affiliates exercising influence in the designing and in the implementation of policies at the milestones of the European Semester and, if desired, in any other process related to the economic governance of the EU.

    1. Dialogue: Dialogue is a process that consists of a two-way flow of information, involving at least the decision-maker and the trade unions, which has the potential to lead to the conclusion of an agreement.
    2. Meaningfully: trade unions should have access to complete written information to deliver a fully-informed position.
    3. At the appropriate level: the dialogue should take place with those who are actually able to influence policy decisions. This can be at political level (i.e., Ministries, Undersecretaries, etc.), but technical levels can also be useful and desirable to better prepare consultation with the appropriate political level.
    4. In a timely manner: sufficient time should be made available to trade unions to elaborate on the position/intentions of the decision-maker and react according to their actual capacities, without altering or derogating from their internal democratic constraints.


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