TUSLO (Trade Union Semester Liaison Officers)

    Austria PFISTER Angela    ÖGB angela.pfister AT oegb.at 0043 1 534 44 39203 German, English  
    Belgium WANSART Jean-François   CGSLB jean-francois.wansart AT cgslb.be +32 470 239958 English, French   
    Belgium HANSSENS Renaat Economist CSC-ACV Renaat.Hanssens AT acv-csc.be   English, French  
    Belgium VANDE KEYBUS Lars    FGTB lars.vandekeybus AT abvv.be   English, French  
    Bulgaria GRIGOROVA Vanya   PODKREPA vagabi AT abv.bg +359 2 980 77 66 Bulgarian, English  
    Bulgaria TOMEV  Lyuben Director of CITUB's Institute for Social and Trade Union Research (ISTUR)  CITUB ltomev AT citub.net   +359 2 40 10 591 (Office) Bulgarian, German, English  
    Croatia CURAVIC Suzana   NHS nhs AT nhs.hr  suzana.curavic AT fina.hr  +385 1 6128 954 English, Croatian  
    Croatia ŠEPERIĆ Darko Executive Secretary for Education, Projects and European Affairs SSSH and UATUC darko.seperic AT sssh.hr +385 1 46 55 026 Croatian, English  
    Cyprus DIOMIDES Diomidous  General Secretary DEOK diomidous AT deok.org.cy +35722872194 English, Greek TO BE REPLACED
    Czech Republic PAVELKA Tomas Economist CMKOS pavelka.tomas AT centrum.cz   Czech, English  
    Denmark HOELGRAAD Thomas   FTF – Confederation of Professionals in Denmark thho AT ftf.dk  0045 42 43 75 75 English, Danish  
    Denmark BJERRE Maria EU Adviser LO Denmark mab AT lo.dk +45 28617879 Danish, English, French, Spanish  
    Denmark ARNSBO POULSEN Casper EU Adviser LO Denmark cap AT lo.dk +45 2835 9828  English, Danish Termporary replacement of Maria Bjerre
    Estonia  TOOMSALU Kaja Confederal secretary EAKL Kaja.Toomsalu AT eakl.ee   +372  55601116 English  
    Finland LAINÀ Patrizio   Economist SAK patrizio.laina AT sak.fi +358 405834432 English and Finnish  
    Finland KOEV  Eugen Chief Economist AKAVA eugen.koev AT akava.fi +358 40 867 0770 English, Swedish, Russian, Bulgarian, Hungarian and Finnish  
    France DUPUCH Sébastien  Advisor Force Ouvrière sdupuch AT force-ouvriere.fr +33 1 40 52 83 39 English, French  
    France FANDOS Mariano  Confederal secretary CFDT mfandos AT cfdt.fr 0033 675 20 96 98 French, English,. Spanish  
    France FOURIER Paul  Advisor CGT paulfourier AT cgt.fr (33) 1 55 82 82 94 Français  
    Germany BIEGON Dominika   DGB dominika.biegon AT dgb.de   English, German  
    Greece ARVANITAKI Aida  International Relations Dept GSEE arvanitaki AT gsee.gr Tel. (+30) 2108202155 Greek, English  
    Hungary TOTH Gergely   MOSZ (for all the 5 HU TU's) drtothgergely79 AT gmail.com + 36 30 742-2526 Hungarian, English  
    Ireland RIGNEY Peter Industrial Officer ICTU Peter.rigney AT ictu.ie 00 35318897750 English, French  
    Italy DEL RIO Cinzia Head International Dept UIL c.delrio AT uil.it +39 338 7954766 Italian, English  
    Italy MONE Andrea  EUROPEAN POLICIES COORDINATOR CISL a.mone AT cisl.it +39 3389779470 Italian, English (preferably), French   
    Italy MARRA Salvatore  European and International Policies Area CGIL  s.marra AT cgil.it off. +39 06 84 76 369 Italian, English  
    Latvia PREISA Natalia European Law and Policies Expert LBAS - Free TU Conf. of Latvia  natalja.preisa AT lbas.lv +37129733767 English, French (basic working language), Latvian, Russian  
    Lithuania SLIONSKIENE Danute    LPSK - Lithuanian Trade Union Confederation danute.slionskiene AT lpsk.lt +37052496931; +37067024733 Lithuanian, English  
    Lithuania SAPETKAITE Vaiva   LPSK - Lithuanian Trade Union Confederation lpsk AT lpsk.lt   Lithuanian, English  
    Lithuania GARUOLIS Ricardas Economist Solidarumas (LPSS / LDS) ri.garuolis AT gmail.com   English, Lithuanian  
    Luxembourg REDING Jean-Claude     OGBL/LCGB  Jean-Claude.Reding AT csl.lu   English, french  
    Luxembourg WOLTER Henrike EU affairs secretariat for OGBL/LCGB  OGBL/LCGB henrike.wolter AT secec.lu   English, french  
    Malta CARACHI Victor General Secretary General Workers' Union (GWU) vcarachi AT gwu.org.mt   English  
    Netherlands LAUREIJS Irene   FNV irene.laureijs AT fnv.nl 00 31 6 139 22 730 Dutch, English  
    Poland ZIMMER-DRABCZYK  Katarzyna Head of the Experts Department NSZZ « Solidarność » kzimme AT solidarnosc.org.pl  +48 58 308 4322 English, Polish  
    Poland PIETRZAK  Katarzyna Expert for Economic Policy OPZZ pietrzak AT opzz.org.pl +48225515508 English, Polish  
    Portugal BERNARDO Paula  Deputy General Secretary UGT paula.bernardo AT ugt.pt +351 213 931 200 English, French, Portugese  
    Portugal MARQUES Fernando    CGTP fernando.marques AT cgtp.pt   English, Portugese  
    Romania  COSTIN  Dumitru   President BNS  [email protected];
    international AT bns.ro 
    +40 21 316 27 98;
    +40 21 316 27 99 (office numbers)

    Romanian, English, French  
    Slovenia ZORKO Andrej   ZSSS Andrej.zorko AT sindikat-zsss.si +386 51 671 138  English, Slovenian  
    Slovakia HASKOVA Marta Economist KOZ haskova AT kozsr.sk +421 2 502 39 135 Slovak, English, French  
    Spain DE VICENTE  Javier International Secretary USO javier.devicente AT uso.es +34 91 308 2586 English, Spanish  
    Spain GONZALEZ Santiago   USO santiago.gonzalez AT uso.es   Spanish, French  
    Spain DEL CASTILLO  Begoña Coordinator of European Area CCOO bcastillo AT ccoo.es +34917028113 English, Spanish  
    Spain ROSELLÓ GÓMEZ-LOBO  José Domingo   UGT jdrosello AT cec.ugt.org with in cc: internacional AT cec.ugt.org   Spanish, English  
    Sweden ABDALLAH  Laila International Secretary SACO laila.abdallah AT saco.se   Swedish, English  
    Sweden ZETTERGREN Göran Chief Economist TCO Goran.zettergren AT tco.se +46 70 753 33 52 Swedish, English  
    Sweden HÅLLÖ Torbjörn Economist LO torbjorn.hallo AT lo.se 00 46 8 796 27 59
    00 46 70 490 25 31
    Swedish, English PARENTAL LEAVE
    Sweden HELLSTRAND Håkan  Economist LO hakan.hellstrand AT lo.se + 46 72 218 01 66 Swedish, English Temporary replacing HÅLLÖ
    UK CRASTA Elena International Dept TUC ecrasta AT tuc.etuc.org   English, French, Italian Temporary appointment
    BARTHES Isabelle industriAll Europe EU isabelle.barthes AT industriall-europe.eu      
    CAMMILLI Paola ETUCE-CSEE EU paola.cammilli AT csee-etuce.org      
    POND Richard EPSU EU rpond AT epsu.org      
    SOMAGLIA Enrico EFFAT EU E.Somaglia AT effat.org      
    BENTAHAR Sarrah ETUC-CES EU sbentahar AT etuc.org      
    BONGELLI Kristian ETUC-CES EU kbongelli AT etuc.org ADMIN    
    CILENTO Marco ETUC-CES EU mcilento AT etuc.org ADMIN    
    DORESTE Ignacio ETUC-CES EU idoreste AT etuc.org      
    EGAN Ben ETUC-CES EU began AT etuc.org      
    LEHTO-KOMULAINEN Katja ETUC-CES EU klehto AT etuc.org      
    MEAULLE Matthieu ETUC-CES EU mmeaulle AT etuc.org      
    MONACO Marina ETUC-CES EU mmonaco AT etuc.org      


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