The job of creating jobs is difficult because it needs a package of new policies along with an economic transformation (sectoral, organizational and occupational). We also may take into account the mega-trends: global economy, trade and technology and its impact on the geopolitical scene. This is why Mr. Federica Saliola suggests a new way of industrial policies: targeting the creation of real good jobs and incentives as imperative, linking it with innovation policies, active labour market and adequate workforce skills. The impact of this implementation thanks also to the social protection and social dialogue could be very fruitful because they accompany workers in all transitions, but should be also reinforced with growth and social policy.


Federica Saliola

is a Lead Economist in the Social Protection and Jobs Global Practice of the World Bank. Her responsibilities include the management of the Jobs Umbrella Multi-Donors Trust Fund (MDTF), which is an integrated, cross cutting facility that finances 103 grants in 40 countries. She also leads a program (Supporting Effective Jobs Lending at Scale) that evaluates the impact, and aims at improving the effectiveness, of WBG lending on jobs outcomes.

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