Through the analysis of values such as identity and power, Ms. Rocio Martinez-Sempere attempts to capture the territorial divisions that can be glimpsed in European countries such as Spain, Germany, France or Poland. The feeling of fatality has gained weight over the concept of “share prosperity”, making the territorial, ethnic or cultural divergences that effectively define our identity responsible for the division. There is an affective polarisation with our collective expectations in comparison with the political issues that do have a solution, so we need to focus better on what is at stake with the coming crisis.

For this, we have to take into account a combined strategy that, on the one hand, take an “abrasive compensation” of public policies for the citizens that are insecure due to the changes we are experiencing such as digitalisation, in order to ensure that everyone feels included in the system, i.e. embracing a political narrative change when approaching the people.



is Director of the Felipe-Gonzalez Foundation, she has a degree in Economics from Pompeu Fabra University, Master in Economics and Master in Governance and Public Policy at the London School of Economics. She worked as an analyst in the Fabian Society, a foundation associated with the Labour Party, where she was a member. 

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